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Join me in a friendly qu & a session

Please join me for a friendly qu & a any time on Sunday May 3rd. I’m in interview all day (except when I need to eat, pee or sleep) You need to join the group on facebook so don’t leave it to the last minute! Qus can be on any of my books or about me,…
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Blanche in interview

Twitter is going to the dogs and I’m afraid Blanche used the B-word when interviewed by Clowie, another Great Pyrenees. She likes to sound tough. I think we got away with it though – gorgeous blondes often do. ‘Proud Human’ Read the interview here

My interview with Meghan Riley

Find out more about ‘Someone to Look Up To’ – my interview on Meghan Riley’s blog 

An unusual interview – woof!

Being interviewed as one of my characters is a strange experience  – woof! Thanks K Caffee!