jean gill authorWelcome. Croeso. Bienvenue.

I’m a Welsh writer and photographer living in the south of France with two scruffy dogs, a Nikon D750, a beehive called Endeavour and a man. I taught English in Wales for many years and my claim to fame is that I was the first woman to be a secondary headteacher in Carmarthenshire. I’m mother or stepmother to five children so life has been pretty hectic.

I’ve published all kinds of books, both with conventional publishers and self-published. You’ll find everything under my name from prize-winning poetry and novels, military history, translated books on dog training, to a cookery book on goat cheese. My work with top dog-trainer Michel Hasbrouck has taken me deep into the world of dogs with problems, and inspired one of my novels. With Scottish parents, an English birthplace and French residence, I can usually support the winning team on most sporting occasions.

I used to have two C.V.s but since I left my career in education I have three; I’ve added photography and dog-training to writing. This site is a way of sharing my passions with like-minded spirits and I love hearing from readers so don’t hesitate to contact me.

 About the 13th Sign

13thsignI’ve been published every-which-way but, apart from my translated books, I see independent publishing as the method that now suits me best. I can no longer call it’ self-publishing’ as I now employ a professional editor and cover designer. Like many Indies, I’ve decided to use my own imprint name and logo for a ‘branded’ look. My zodiac sign is Ophiucus, the Serpent-Bearer, the 13th Sign – the one that no-one wanted to include because that would mean changing traditional thought and 13 is unlucky. What better name could there be for my imprint?!

As a visual artist I really enjoyed the designer aspect of making my own book jackets but now I work with the talented cover designer Jessica Bell, I think the finished product is far more professional. It still gives me pleasure that I designed the publisher logo I myself. The 13th Sign breaks rules and challenges expectations. Perfect.

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