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Croatian students interview me

This is a very special interview. The questions come from Croatian students who have been reading ‘Left Out’/’On the Other Hand’ with their teachers and who wanted to know more about the book and the author. How wonderful for one of my books to go on adventures like this! You should be able to read…
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Guide for Reading Groups: More Than One Kind

Life swap for a year; change your life forever. ‘You’re old and cold,’ are the words that end Anne Grüber’s three-year relationship with a fellow-teacher. A hurtful insult that she fears may be true. What chance does she have now of finding love or even an adventure? Then she sees an advert that will change…
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Writing Resources: How to Create Emotion

You want to make your reader feel the emotions in what you’re writing? The classic mistake – and we’ve all made it! – is to assume that because you feel emotional about what you’re writing, then so will the reader. The truth is that it’s not about what you feel; it’s about communicating that feeling….
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Writing Resources: The Poetry Redrafting Code

What to check If not … Is it the best word? (A thesaurus might help but best doesn’t mean biggest) Change the word Are there any old-fashioned words? (Tis, til, oft) Get rid of them – you’re a 21st century poet! Are there any cliches? (tired, over-used expressions) Get rid of them – you’re unique…
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Writing Resources: Dos and Don’ts for Leading Poetry Workshops

What follows are a quick set of rules for anyone considering leading a poetry workshop. These rules are not complicated, and they can apply to writers of any age from 1-120.   Do Read and talk about different types of poems Talk about the pattern of a poem Talk about lines and verses Join in…
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