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With Double Blade: poetry so sharp it hurts when you laugh

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With Double Blade: poetry so sharp it hurts when you laugh


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POETRY: The antidote to Valentine’s Day if you like your reading sharp, not sickly sweet.
‘Jean Gill’s spiky humour makes you feel as if she’s caught you on barbed wire and yet makes you smile about it’– Mike Sharpe, Haverfordwest Journalist 
Strong, fresh, vivid poems from award-winning author Jean Gill, on an astounding range of subjects including adultery, AIDS and the Mexican Earthquake. If you crossed Wendy Cope’s work with Sylvia Plath’s, Jean Gill’s poetry might be the result.

‘You’re starting to smother me, darling,

 you’re faded and boring, my dear.
 It’s my turn to play with another
 and your turn alone with your fear.’

Divided into two parts, this new edition includes the stories behind thepoetry, some personal and some about world events; always surprising.
‘Moving and varied ‘– Dorothy Tutin
‘Jean Gill brings off the rare feat of looking life squarely in the eye without descending into dreary cynicism.’ – HS Milford Haven,Journalist
‘The author is particularly gifted with poetry.’ The WishingShelf Award
‘An excellent collection – I enjoyed the sharpness and insight, the word-play’ – Robert Nisbet, Downtrain 
‘Brings out feelings you didn’t know you had,’ ClaireStibbe, Detective Temeke series

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Publication Details:

Published: February 14, 2018
Publisher: The 13th Sign
Book Type: Book
Book Format: Paperback/epub/Kindle
ISBN 13: 9791096459087
Kindle ASIN: B078ZCR37J