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Song Hereafter (The Troubadours Book 4)

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Song Hereafter (The Troubadours Book 4)


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1153: Hispania and the Isles of Albion

Thrilling conclusion to an award-winning series. Global Ebooks Award for Best Historical Fiction. FINALIST in The Wishing Shelf and the Chaucer Awards. The Historical Novel Society Editor’s Choice.

‘Very accomplished Historical Fiction.’ The Historical Novel Society

Dragonetz and Estela: the troubadours.

They thought they knew each other but they didn’t even know themselves.

Dragonetz has failed Eleanor of Aquitaine once. Now she plans to be Queen of England he could make amends. Although prepared to risk his own life on an impossible quest, a knight should protect his lady, or so say the troubadour songs. His lady, however, plays to a different tune and she wants partnership, not protection.

Estela and Dragonetz fight their enemies, both on the battlefield and in the courts of Christendom, from the sophistication of Zaragossa to the wilds of Wales. Can they win through to song hereafter, together? Or have they broken one rule too many?

Mystery, intrigue, romance and adventure fill the pages of this magnificent conclusion to an epic series sure to delight fans of Elizabeth Chadwick and Bernard Cornwell. Jean Gill captures the soul of the age and the characters who lived in it.

‘Historical Fiction at its best’, Karen Charlton, the Detective Lavender Mysteries

‘Evocative and thoroughly riveting. A vividly-written, historical saga.’ The Wishing Shelf

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Publication Details:

Published: November 13, 2017
Publisher: The 13th Sign
Book Type: Book
Book Format: Paperback/epub/mobi/PDF
ISBN 13: 9791096459049