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From Bedtime On: poetry that hits home

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From Bedtime On: poetry that hits home


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‘A delicious book full of the unexpected. Highly emotive contents.’ – Writing Magazine
The second collection of poetry from award-winning author Jean Gill retains the passion and spiky humour for which she is known but this has matured into a unique, assured view of our world. Her most lyrical poems reveal a sensuality that lingers in the imagination.

‘I would not give my eyes to tune pianos
but for one brightened night to read
the raised points of your skin with blind man’s fingers
I might.’

Other poems share political insights with timeless, incisive humour.

‘Just like that cheated child, who eats his ‘chosen’ veg
I’m bribed, cajoled, bombasted by each politician’s pledge.
This greener, better future which they say they offer me,

has horizons built of money on the dead dreams of the free.
Unless I stand for my beliefs myself, election means
that I’m doomed to cast my vote
for processed peas or processed beans.’ 

Divided into two parts, this new edition includes the stories behind the poetry, some personal and some on the craft of writing poetry; always surprising.
‘The humour frequently has the effect of pointing up the stark reality with which she writes. She employs a variety of styles to make the collection even more interesting.
Ted Griffin, Pause Magazine

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Excerpt: From Bedtime On

Publication Details:

Published: April 13, 2018
Publisher: The 13th Sign
Book Format: Paperback/epub/Kindle Edition
ISBN 13: 9791096459094
Kindle ASIN: B078ZCR37J