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Writing Resources

Guide for Reading Groups: More Than One Kind

Life swap for a year; change your life forever. ‘You’re old and cold,’ are the words that end Anne Grüber’s three-year relationship with a fellow-teacher. A hurtful insult that she fears may be true. What chance does she have now of finding love or even an adventure? Then she sees an advert that will change…
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Writing Resources: How to Create Emotion

You want to make your reader feel the emotions in what you’re writing? The classic mistake – and we’ve all made it! – is to assume that because you feel emotional about what you’re writing, then so will the reader. The truth is that it’s not about what you feel; it’s about communicating that feeling….
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Writing Resources: The Poetry Redrafting Code

What to check If not … Is it the best word? (A thesaurus might help but best doesn’t mean biggest) Change the word Are there any old-fashioned words? (Tis, til, oft) Get rid of them – you’re a 21st century poet! Are there any cliches? (tired, over-used expressions) Get rid of them – you’re unique…
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Writing Resources: Dos and Don’ts for Leading Poetry Workshops

What follows are a quick set of rules for anyone considering leading a poetry workshop. These rules are not complicated, and they can apply to writers of any age from 1-120.   Do Read and talk about different types of poems Talk about the pattern of a poem Talk about lines and verses Join in…
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